Life at ColorMasters Samuel-Juarez

I started at working at ColorMasters in 2014 while attending Snead State Community College. I started working as a press QC, then I enrolled into a Lab Technician/Document Control position. The company kept opening its doors for opportunities, and with a lot of dedication and hard work, I was enrolled in a Quality Manager position. As of right now, I am part of the Corporate Quality Team. One of my favorite things about working at ColorMasters is that is a constant learning in the process, there is always something new to learn and new ways to improve a process. I have enhanced and optimized my skills in analytical data, process improvement, efficiency, managerial, critical thinking, multi-tasking, communication, and other fields. My job gives me the opportunity to keep growing personally and internally within the company. It is a blessing to work for ColorMasters, and I am looking forward to retiring one day within the company.

Life at ColorMasters Anita-Crowell

After 23 years at ColorMasters, I’ve seen incredible growth! I love the challenge of sending out quality products in record time to please our customers. I’m always encouraged to be my best and I’m always empowered with the tools I need to accomplish my goals!

Life at ColorMasters Pete-Hampton

I’ve been with ColorMasters since 2006. I’ve seen the company grow explosively! It’s the coolest thing to watch clear film start at the beginning of the process, move through the end where it’s printed with the layers of graphics and ready to finish. Most people don’t realize when they go to the grocery store, the packaging they’re buying was made by me, and my teammates! I’m proud of myself and of seeing the results of my hard work on the shelves in stores.

Life at ColorMasters Jason-Faulkner

ColorMasters has been an important part of my life since 1995. I started out as a receiving clerk, moving through multiple positions, up to my current role as Director of Sales. This company has allowed me to provide a good life for my family. The lessons I’ve learned and the people I have worked with over the years has shaped me into who I am today.