ColorMasters Utilizes the Latest Solventless Adhesive Lamination Technology with Ultra-Fast Curing Adhesive to Accelerate Speed to Market.

Our solventless adhesive laminators can take on almost any multi layer lamination structure. We choose to use the most innovative adhesives that outperform the competition. The use of solventless adhesives running on solventless equipment enables laminators to add line capacity quickly and economically, without concern about VOC issues.

Our Customized Lamination Process Provides:

  • Reduced downtime and curing time
  • Long mixed pot life
  • Ability to form a package quicker
  • Achieve food compliance quicker
  • High web speeds to increase efficiency
  • Better wettability
  • Lower adhesive scrap
  • Increased bond quality
  • Excellent resistance to heat, cold and moisture
  • Microwavable and ovenable