ColorMasters Provides the Most Technologically Advanced Flexographic Printing with Unparalleled Quality Control.

ColorMasters has invested in the most technologically advanced flexographic printing equipment from the industry leader W&H. Each of our presses was individually designed to produce the highest print quality and production with the least amount of down in the safest manner possible. When designing the specification for each new flexographic printing press, ColorMasters has not only added production capacity but also increased our capabilities.

ColorMasters offers a very wide range of product lines to meet our customers’ needs. We have invested heavily in inline quality control with the addition of 100% inspection systems and high-resolution area cameras. These cameras give us the ability to focus in on the viewing area of any suspected defect while the press is running, and the inspection systems ensure our quality is second to none.

Brand color management is monitored and controlled using ColorCert to ensure the perfect color every time.