When It Came Time to Invest in Extrusion Equipment, Only the Best Would Do. ColorMasters Invested in W&H Extrusion Equipment in Order to Deliver the Highest Level of Quality Film Possible.

CM Extrusion

MasterExtrusion films are multi-layer coextruded LDPE and LLDPE films. All of our equipment has been customized to produce the optimal film with a focus on quality, productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Through customization, we have been able to achieve shorter start-up and changeover times as well as significantly reduced scrap and resin usage.

The Perfect Blend:

  • State of the art, new equipment
  • Specialized film development services and a dedicated R&D team
  • Dedicated field technicians
  • A staff with over 100 years of combined experience in extrusion
  • Zero Scrap Facility

Our proprietary blends of films allow us to significantly down-gauge without sacrificing the integrity, durability or quality of our films. The ability to down-gauge allows us to pass cost savings and increased efficiency along to our customers. Our co-ex film applications include VFFS/HFFS high-speed and high-impact films, collation shrink, fresh and frozen foods, and towel and tissue film. Our proprietary blends range from case pack blends with higher durability and more haze, to more commercial blends with high gloss and low haze. As an extruder and printer, we understand the importance of exceptional quality film when it comes to achieving the highest quality of print. We also understand how important film quality is when it comes to converting.

While the ultimate goal is end-user satisfaction, ColorMasters is proud to also focus on the environment. Our MasterExtrusion facility utilizes inline recycling machines and offline pelletizers to take scrap plastics from waste, back to resin. We encourage our customers to work with us to find a scrap, core or pallet program that is convenient and economical. Ask us about our co-exchange program using plastic cores for recycling.